"I have worked with, competed against and worked for Patrick since 2005 in numerous roles. Patrick is a consummate professional and has worked in a variety of positions within the telco industry, so he knows just about every facet inside and out. Borrowing a tag line, you really are in good hands when you put your network services with Patrick."

Tony Giancoli
Channel Manager | Windstream Communications

"I have worked with Patrick since he worked with XO Communications in the early 2000’s. Patrick has an enormous amount of Telecommunication knowledge and has a gift of being able to use this knowledge to help you create the right solution for you. He has helped Tony’s Fine Foods figure the out the correct path for our phone and data communication infrastructure (including D/R and H/A options). Patrick can offer knowledge helping you select providers, offering guidance on the correct sizing of data and phone connections and be a resource figuring out the correct hardware/software solution. There is a great deal involved in selecting new telecommunication solutions and Patrick has helped us navigate that world where everyone wants to be your friend. I am excited to see Patrick’s company grow and be able to reach more customers like Tony’s."

Mark Geery
CIO | Tony’s Fine Foods

"We have been working with Patrick for a couple years now. It is nice to know that all I have to do is shoot over a quick email and he will have whatever I need taken care of quickly, whether it is locating the best data service provider/telecom deal for a new location or even help with restructuring our entire phone network. I have recommended him to other business partners in the past and will continue to do so in the future. I think that statement right there says everything!"

Jon Karis
Zoom Imaging Solutions, Inc.

"Not only was Patrick and the Infinium Communications Team able to provide us with higher bandwidth at a lower annual cost, it was their personal attention to detail during our cutover that insured an effective transition. Now that we have successfully re-provisioned all of our voice and data carrier services I can only say, “On Time, Under Budget, Thank you Team Infinium ! ”."

Rand Duncan
Director of Information Technology | Tully-Wihr